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Posted by intothedream on 2005.12.02 at 23:06
Hi, I'm, friend of Janette. She's been admitted to the hospital for various health problems and I'm passing on word that she probably won't be able to write or get anywhere near a computer for quite some time. If you can keep her in your prayers/thoughts or send cyberhugs, that would be great. She sends her thanks.


Complete Rough Draft Of Blood and Bullets 2 (formerly Pamela): Cam and Balint Sidefic

Posted by intothedream on 2005.10.30 at 01:36
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As you can see, I changed the title because I thought it fit. This chapter has smut so it's not worksafeCollapse )

Feedback definitely appreciated.


New Snippet of a Possible Fic

Posted by intothedream on 2005.10.06 at 01:59
I know I've been missing in action, things have been really weird for me since I've moved and I know I've been horrible with updating and haven't written much fics except for the occasional giftfic for my partner in crime, ave_miseria.

But today I had a sudden shiny to follow. Let me know if it's worth continuing?

No sex yet but of course, if I continue this, there will be.

the shiny is a surprise!Collapse )